Piano Lessons Ireland

Via Zoom, for Students of All Ages and Backgrounds.

Taught by Dr. Kay Crawford (a former concert pianist, music examiner, and Pianist magazine columnist with 20 years experience teaching adult pianists in Ireland), this Zoom piano studio offers student pianists of all ages, backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to achieve their musical ambitions and goals.

Watch. Listen.


“The best thing about taking piano lessons with Kay is they don’t feel like lessons – the time flies! As well as being a highly accomplished pianist, Kay is an amazing teacher bringing a passion, creativity and expertise to her craft that is a joy to behold.In a short period of time, I went from bashing out the Fields of Athenry at 3am at a family wedding to knocking out a Bach Concerto or getting stuck into a Chopin Ballade (full disclosure – the latter is still a work in progress!!). If you love music, tuition from Kay will quickly become a highlight of your week. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

TJ BOURKE, Dublin, July 2022.